Teaching Ministries

Mother of God Community conducts various teaching programs and ministries, including:

  • Life in the Spirit Seminars concerning God’s love for you and how Jesus reconciled you to God as well as how you can be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a new life in the power of Christ.
  • Growing in Faith Together Series which teach you the basics of growing in Christ’s presence and power to change through God’s revelation to you.
  • Called to Community — six to eight sessions concerning brotherhood, fellowship groups. the Mother of God Community Covenant and Statutes, and more.
  • Teachings by Community members at Praise & Worship Gatherings
  • Teachings at Mother of God Community sponsored conferences.
  • Word Proclaimed Institute – homilies for every day of the Church year by noted scripture scholar Fr. Francis Martin, former chaplain of the Mother of God Community. May he rest in peace.