Mother of God Ministries

Diane Miller and Maria Shar

In our modern day, we know how easy it can be to get weighed down by fear and the difficulties in life. God’s response to this is to send his Holy Spirit to stir the hearts and minds of his people so that they could be raised up and live with hope and purpose. We have experienced this outpouring of the Holy Spirit and it has changed our lives. This “new life in the Spirit” started with one or more things: someone’s witness, a word of truth, someone taking the time to pray with us, attending a Praise and Worship meeting or a Life in the Spirit seminar.

The recent Popes have called upon Charismatic Catholic Communities around the world to mission and the use of charisms (gifts of the Holy Spirit). Our experience of the Holy Spirit has led us to want to share it with the world. That is why Mother of God Community has developed various ministries—to help as many as possible experience the life of the Holy Spirit and the joy and freedom that the Spirit brings.

Our Ministries and Outreaches

Our community is blessed to be able to offer the following ministries and activities. We invite you to participate in any of the following activities:

  • Praise and Worship Gatherings — Join us Sunday nights (see schedule) as we sing with contemporary Christian music to thank and honor the Lord for who he is and all he has done. We also often have time for prayer ministry and to hear how God has worked in someone’s life. So come and let the Holy Spirit lift you up.
  • Mother of God School (Pre-K through Grade 8) — Mother of God School seeks to prepare students who, grounded in sound academics and strong faith, go forth bearing Christ to the world in their personal and professional lives. With Mary as its model, the school accomplishes this in an atmosphere of love and respect, through academic excellence in the humanities, arts and sciences, and in living the Good News through worship and service.
  • Mother of God Homeschool Ministry – Our homeschool ministry seeks to support local Catholic homeschooling families in their efforts to educate their children in their homes. Email for more information about getting involved with this ministry.
  • Life in the Spirit Seminar – Learn about God’s love for you and how Jesus reconciled you to God as well as how you can be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a new life.
  • Unbound – Experience new freedom in Christ through personal prayer ministry.
  • Growing in Faith Together – Learn the basics of growing in a Christian life and growing in His presence and power to change through God’s revelation to you.
  • Women’s & Men’s Retreats – Get away and let God fill your heart with new truths about his plan for your life.
  • Youth Group — High School teens meet weekly to grow in their faith through prayer, talks, adoration and fellowship. Email
  • Special Events – We also sponsor special events such as Damian Stayne conferences, pro-life events, rosary rallies, St. Paul’s Street Evangelization, and seminars on contemplation and meditation. Visit our events page for more information on upcoming events.

Contact us to learn more about Mother of God Community and the benefits we bring to the community of Gaithersburg, Maryland. We serve those in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.