We are so grateful for all that our members and friends do to help us in our mission. We could not accomplish any of our ministries (see below) without you. The time, effort, and prayer that goes into our ministries is a beautiful thing. But as we know, activities require resources. Please prayerfully consider joining us as both a prayer and financial partner. Lord, prosper the work of our hands!  Psalm 90:17

  • Praise and Worship Gatherings — Most Sunday nights (see schedule)
  • Mother of God School (Pre-K through Grade 8)
  • Mother of God Homeschool Ministry
  • Life in the Spirit Seminars
  • Unbound – Experience new freedom in Christ through personal prayer ministry.
  • Growing in Faith Together
  • Women’s & Men’s Retreats
  • Youth Group; and
  • Special Events and Conferences