Mother of God School

The Community through its elected Council is the sponsoring body of the Mother of God School (Pre-K through Grade 8), hires its principal, owns all of the school’s properties, and serves on its Board. It is a private Catholic school affiliated with the Archdiocese of Washington. The school’s Pre-K program begins for children at three years old, and it has an after-school program as well. The mission of the school is “to seek to prepare students who, grounded in sound academics and strong faith, go forth bearing Christ to the world in their personal and professional lives. With Mary as its model, the school accomplishes this in an atmosphere of love and respect, through academic excellence in the humanities, arts and sciences, and in living the Good News through worship and service.”

Let us pray for our school:

Dear Father in heaven, may our school thrive according to your holy will, and may it be for your honor and glory.

Bless our parents with a deep experience of your love and mercy so they may raise their children to love and honor you.

Bless our students so they may go forth bearing the light of Christ into their world.

Bless each member of our faculty with an ever-deepening renewal of the Holy Spirit, for the faculty form the heart that pours out your life into our school.

Bless our staff who work so hard to make our school safe, clean, responsible and efficient.

Bless our administration with wisdom and humility, peace and patience, and all the graces they need so that you may be glorified.

We ask this in the Name of your Son Jesus.  Amen.