A Vibrant Christian Community

Located in Gaithersburg, MD, Mother of God Community welcomes people from all walks of life – families, couples, priests and deacons, singles, college students, and retired people. Our fellowship includes members, affiliates, and friends seeking intimacy with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. We come together to share our lives for the good of one another, the church, and the greater community in which we live.

Our way of life is built on the Gospel principles of personal prayer, community activities, and ministry to others (see Luke 6: 12-19). People involved in our community activities deepen their spiritual life as they encounter Jesus and experience the power of his Holy Spirit in a friendly, caring, and welcoming gathering of fellow Christians. Our desire is to help others see that God is alive and that he can intervene in their lives to bring them into the fullness of life (John 10:10). For Catholics, participation at Mother of God Community complements the liturgical and sacramental life they participate in with their local parish.

Group photo of family

Praise and Worship meetings held on most Sunday evenings help to nourish our community life. In addition to vibrant praise and worship, our Spirit-filled meetings include Christian teaching, faith sharing, and fellowship. For people seeking to better understand the presence of the Holy Spirit in our world today, we offer Life in the Spirit seminars and other faith formation programs. The Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) program is another step for people to grow in their experience of the Holy Spirit and deepen their faith by learning to pray, read scripture, examine their conscience, and understand more about the truths of our faith through talks and sharing in small groups.

Our community members gather in small fellowship groups on a regular basis to share their lives with one another. This gives them the opportunity to reflect on what the Lord is saying to them and is a source of inspiration for others in the group. We also have retreats several times in the year as well as other activities for our members including a Christmas party, Seder meal, Lords Day suppers, movie nights, a Catholic youth ministry, and more.

Contact us to learn more about the difference the Holy Spirit can make in your life. We serve those in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.