Community Members in Gaithersburg, MD

People are coming to Mother of God Community because of a desire to deepen their spiritual life. Our community members in Gaithersburg, MD, are made up of men and women who are interested in experiencing a friendship with God, family, and one another through an encounter with Jesus.

Through regular praise and worship services at our Charismatic Catholic Community, as well as regular prayer meetings, individuals in our community are able to allow their personal relationships to grow from an environment that shows God is alive and wants to give us all a happy life.

Group photo of familyBuilding a Community for Christ

By speaking to each other regularly through prayer, the Bible, the Sacraments, meditation, and conversations, community members are able to build a communal experience through Christ while finding a deeper personal experience of the Holy Spirit. Working together to create, nurture, and expand our community is what allows us to truly celebrate the intentions of God.

Our community members gather in small fellowship groups on a regular basis to share their lives with one another. This gives them the opportunity to reflect on what the Lord is saying to them and all of us and apply the teachings.

Contact us to learn more about the community we are building in Gaithersburg, Maryland, based on the teachings of God and the Bible. We serve those in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.